The Zummo™ warranty guarantee

Through Zummo Australia’s official distributors, Zummo™ Innovaciones Mecánicas S.A. guarantees its machines for a maximum of 3 years* for complete peace of mind.

The warranty guarantee comes into force from the date on which the machine is delivered to the distributor, subject to the following terms:

  • This warranty guarantee covers all defects in materials and defects incurred during the manufacturing process.
  • Should the machine show any defect during normal usage within the period covered by the warranty guarantee any defective part will be replaced free of charge.
  • The warranty guarantee will only be valid upon presentation of the original purchase invoice.
  • Repairs to or replacement of parts during the period covered by the warranty guarantee does not imply any extension to the guarantee’s expiry date.
  • Original replacement parts are guaranteed for a period of six months.

This warranty guarantee does not cover:

  • Any damage due to the incorrect installation, abuse, misuse, alteration, accident or negligence.
  • The scratching of any plastic pieces due to the use of abrasives or sharp instruments.
  • Any damage caused by unauthorised people or materials.

*Please check the specific terms and conditions for each model.