The Zummo™ machines allows Bunbury Farmers Market to create a unique customer experience, as not only do they have fresh 100% orange juice they get to enjoy the visual display of the Zummo™ in action.

~ Larissa, Bunbury Farmers Markets

We have found Zummo™ Juicers to be a valuable business partner for us. The machines are excellent, very reliable and the finished product sells very well. They have been excellent to deal with from the start and it has been a great move for our business.

~ Wade, Jack & Co.

The Zummo Z14 orange juicer is a fantastic and efficient machine that takes care of all the labour involved in creating fresh juice. Made in front of the customer – 100% natural pure orange juice is always fresh and the customer can see this. Such an easy task in breaking it down to clean and reassemble ready for the next day. Where margins are a constant influence on our bottom line, the Zummo juicer is a no brainer.

~ Jarad, Bookface Cafe

The juicer it going great. “Juicy Lucy” we have named her as she is our new best friend, the staff love her as they are no longer spending an hour a day peeling oranges and customers are amazed , watching Lucy at work, which has also led to increased sales of juice.

~ Alex, Cafe 140

Zummo Juicer is more than just amazing, it’s the star attraction in my shop. Not only does it pump out the freshest instant juice, it’s the magic talk of the centre. My sales have increased dramatically, once my customers have tried the juice there is no turning back. Thank you Zummo!

~ Philip, Sunnybank Fruit Market

Ever since we purchased our Commercial Zummo Machine, we have sold more Orange Juice in a month then we did from the fridge in 3 years! The customers love juicing their fresh OJ, some coming in daily for their fix. Thanks to all the Team at Zummo who have made this new venture so easy for us and our customers.

~ Hollie, Harbour Side Markets

It’s great to have a perfectly fresh orange juice on offer in the business.

~ Scott, Globe Cafe Burleigh