7 Health Benefits of Citrus Juice

Citrus fruit boast a number of health benefits as well as being sweet and delicious! From colds to cancer to anti-inflammatory, Citrus is truly a super food, And is available all year round! Zummo makes fresh Orange Juice easy! Fight this flu season and improve your health with Zummo! Reduce Stress Adding more vitamin C […]

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Flavour of the Month – Sunny Citrus Smoothie

Starting from this month we will be posting a new recipe each month. This is to give you an idea of just how much can be done with your Zummo. You can juice pretty much any citrus fruit and you can even make delicious smoothies! So check out the recipe below and get ready to start […]

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Zummo favour of the month

Food Service Exhibition Sydney

It’s a very busy year this year for Zummo. We’ve just finished up at the Fine Food Queensland trade show and next up is the Food Service Exhibition in Sydney. The exhibition is on from the 22nd to the 24th of May at the Royal Hall of Industries. Sydney has a thriving hospitality and food service […]

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Zummo at Fine Food Queensland

Zummo Australia will be attending the Fine Food Queensland trade show in April. The trade show goes from the 10th to the 12th at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in South Brisbane and is essential for anyone with a hospitality, food service or retail business. It is especially important because this year we will […]

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Fine Food Queensland Logo

Zummo Success!!!

We like to be kept in the loop about how well our Zummo machines are doing in their new homes. While every Zummo is a success story, it’s always a happy surprise when a business sends a photo to us like this.     Harbourside Market sold 600kg of oranges on Saturday! That’s a lot of […]

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Zummo Success Story

The Zummo Kiosk!

  Own your own Juicing Business without the franchise fees!   The Zummo Kiosk is the perfect business opportunity for anyone who is looking to turn oranges into cash. There is no need to limit yourself to one area and one shop because the ZK can go anywhere you want to take it and make […]

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Zummo Rental Plan

If you’re interested in owning a Zummo juicing machine, but you’re not ready to make a long term commitment to one machine, then you’ll be happy to know that we offer a rental plan. So you can enjoy the benefits of renting one of our Zummo Automatic Juicing Machines without the long-term commitment of ownership. […]

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Orange Alert – Great News About Valencia Oranges!

In today’s Orange Alert, we’re excited to report that Valencia oranges will be in season for the rest of February! The official season time for Valencia oranges is from November to February, but they are available until April, so make sure you take advantage of having these sweet and juicy Valencia oranges in season, as […]

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Are you a Restaurant or Cafe?

Do you sell coffee? Q: How much GP is in an average cup for $3.60? A: About $2.50. If you sell ZUMMO freshly squeezed orange juice then your GP on a $5.00 serving is about $4.40. You can make guaranteed profit from day one. We’re not suggesting that you should stop selling coffee but we […]

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Mailing Room Cafe with Zummo Machine

Are you a Supermarket or a Fruit Barn?

Why Zummo…. What’s in it for you?   Zummo Australia is revolutionising the orange juice industry and is turning oranges around the country into dollars with minimum involvement from retail owners. Zummo juicing machines are the best technology you will invest in this year for your supermarket. Occupying a 400cm squared space, the commercial juicing […]

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Greener Grocer with Bottled Zummo Juice