The very best taste

Our squeezing system is unique in the world, producing you 100% natural citrus juice that will dance on your taste buds. The efficient vertical squeezing system cuts the fruit in half and extracts the juice without making contact with the peel. No oil or bitterness, just pure, delicious citrus flavour.

One click juicing

Enjoy uninterrupted service thanks to our 'one-click' automatic juicing system. This system is the closest you will get to hand-squeezed without hiring a small army! Let your staff focus on service while your Zummo does what it does best - squeeze delicious juice with speed and efficiency!

Delicious profits

Zummo juicing systems provide you with a stream of the most delicious profits you will ever taste. Squeeze your oranges for amazing gross profits per glass or bottle. Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees certainly didn’t own a Zummo juicer.

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