4 Fitness Trends to End Boring Workouts



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Okay, it’s 2018, time to really get started on those cringe-worthy fitness New Year’s resolutions. Except… perhaps the ordeal won’t be quite as bad as you think. Zummo has done the hard work for you and spotted some early bird fitness trends to kick start your return to fitness. We here take fun and fitness seriously! So, much like we did with 2017, we said goodbye to boring gym circuits, endless laps around the footy field and that anxiety that builds when you think of how much exercise you have to do to burn off your gluttonous December (am I right?).  Instead, we welcomed a few new trailblazing fitness trends you will actually want to do. From high-adrenaline to low-intensity, we have predicted the hottest 2018 fitness styles to keep you nodding that fit is fun!

Barre: When it comes to athletic figures, ballerinas effortlessly have the most desirable bodies – strong, toned and lean. The hottest fitness style to take muse from ballet is barre: a blend of pilates, ballet and stretch, which tones your muscles while strengthening and lengthening them, all while improving your posture. But if you’re expecting pirouettes and slow plies, think again. The barre scene takes inspiration from resistance training, dance and some modern ballet exercises, making for a class that’s fab for cardio, balance, toning and muscle control.

Boxing: Boxing took off in 2016 as the fitness trend to end all mundane fitness regimes. 2018 is set to raise that bar with the escalation of boutique boxing studios with classes ranging from beginner to ‘don’t mess with me’.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re more of a lover than a fighter, this total-body workout offers many varieties, allowing you to opt for a non-contact fitness style. With celebrities like Gigi Hadid sharing their workouts, boxing will see an increase in women taking on the heavy bags this year. 2018 can be your healthiest year to date, both physically and mentally; the benefits of boxing (aside from the visible physique changes) even go as far as reducing anxiety. Go on, kick some ass!   

Dance Cardio: Our society wants to exercise in a way that doesn’t actually feel like exercise (what has become of us), hence, the birth of dance cardio workouts! If you’re the kind of person who’s life motto is sleep, eat, rave, repeat, then get ready to dance your way through 2018! This trend is more party than exercise… with the obvious benefits, just minus the vodka, lime, soda in hand.

Next-Gen Video & App Workouts: Okay so, health and fitness apps might not be a new fad, but with technology increasing at a faster rate than we’re willing to admit (and it’s borderline terrifying), you can now modify your exercises and healthy goals to suit you! You can edit your weight, build, work-play schedule, and eating habits. 2017 really hasn’t left us with any excuses of why we ‘can’t possibly make it to the gym today.. or this week’, so you might as well cave and get that booty moving.