A Guide to Mindful Eating



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Mindful eating is a new practice that focuses on the benefits of paying close attention to your eating habits.

The main part of mindful eating is playing close to not only what you are eating, but how, when, and why you are eating. Mindless eating is a bad habit that many of us partake in. Without even realising it, so many people fall into habits that can really affect our bodies – not in really bad ways, but mindful eating practices can boost your energy levels and help you feel better!

Now, integrating this habit into your life doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is start paying attention!


Look at what you are eating. Are you eating junk food all the time? Are you eating a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables, especially compared to everything else in your diet? Is the food you are eating nutritional and healthy?


Why are you eating? Are you actually hungry, or are you just eating because you are bored or people around you are eating? Are the foods you eat the most actually satisfying your hunger and bodies needs, or are they just convenient and/or practical?


Are you eating until the food is gone or are you stopping when you feel full? Are your energy levels low despite eating regular, but perhaps not nutritious, meals? Is your body struggling to process the foods you are eating?

Keeping a daily food diary, and looking at the above questions and reflecting upon them, can be your first step towards bettering your eating practices! Every lifestyle change begins with a first step. Take yours today!