Commercial Juicing Machine Company

We are a global commercial juicing machine company based in Valencia, Spain.

We are based across five continents around the world, with Zummo Authorised Agents in Australia.

Zummo Juicers Pty Ltd is our authorised sales and service agents in Australia. Based in Brisbane, Queensland with a national distribution and service network we are experts in providing advice for all your commercial juicing requirements.

Zummo Innovaciones Mecánicas S.A. is a Spanish company that was founded in Valencia in 1992 and specialises in the Design and Manufacture of Automated Citrus Fruit Juicing Machines tailored to the catering trade.

Zummo Juicers commercial juicing machines are sold both in Spain and internationally through an extensive network of sales agents, distributors and catering supplies companies. Being present in more than 80 countries including a branch operation in the USA makes Zummo a prestige brand that enjoys worldwide recognition.

Continuing Research and Quality

In keeping with the company’s founding principles, Zummo strives to stay fresh as an international brand and as a manufacturer of top-quality fruit juicers. Through regular quality control and product testing, we deliver more consistent results than any other juicing company.

Because we put every juicer through rigorous testing and quality assurance, Zummo is proud to say that our products are ETL-certified and designed to comply with international standards.

The Zummo fruit juicing method ensures that consumers can see the entire process from start to finish, with the end result being a total extraction of delicious, oil-free juice from every fruit put into one of our machines.

A Commitment to Customer Service

In addition to the care put into the design and production of our fruit juicers, Zummo sales associates and service representatives put the same effort into every interaction with customers around the world. From catering supply companies to restaurant owners, we have developed our reputation for delivering fast and friendly service in our sales, distribution and after-sales care.

What sets Zummo apart is our adoption of technological solutions to common sales and after-sales problems. We maintain our global reach through efficient web communications and a programming model that allows our local maintenance team to quickly examine and solve any technical difficulty that consumers might experience.

Because our squeezing system is unique in the world, we employ safe and reliable methods to ensure that every one of our juicers is kept functional before and after its sale. Every Zummo machine comes with a 3-year warranty that covers both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

A Fresh Perspective on the Future

Our passion for getting the most out of our citrus fruit juicing process is not something we keep to ourselves, but share with consumers around the world. The Zummo brand is grounded on applying advanced technology to bring forth healthy and nourishing fruit juice to restaurants, schools, juice bars and households around the world.

Great companies can only grow through teamwork

Our Key People

Christopher Horn

Chris comes to Zummo Juicers with a wealth of experience in business, engineering and the hospitality industry.

For an excess of 15 years, Chris owned an engineering company in Victoria which was involved in mechanical design and equipment manufacturing. Chris’s experience also extends aluminium product fabrication and finishing.

The following 15 years, Chris spent his time investing in a McDonald's franchise which grew from one store, to four with a staff of over 450. Running the Darwin market, Chris co-owned all McDonald’s stores with his wife, Marcelle, and introduced the McCafe concept to the Darwin marketplace.

In 2010, Chris retired as a McDonald’s franchisee and saw an opportunity for the excellent Zummo range of products to be introduced to Australia. Applying his mechanical skills to the Zummo product led Chris to believe that the machines were mechanically superior and vastly the most efficient in juice extraction than anything else on the market. With a high importance on business values and service, Chris, through Zummo Juicers, strive to provide the very best of customer satisfaction and outstanding service.

Chris brings to his Zummo clients the benefits of his excellent experience and credentials to enable the best outcomes and maximum profits. Chris can forensically analysis a cafés sales and profitability to advise on reducing costs and increasing sales.

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