AGE 2023 Expo Wrap Up



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Expo Wrap Up

The AGE 2023 Trade Show in Sydney this year had a vibrant atmosphere as always, with a host of industry-leading operators, the event served as a testament to the thriving state of the hospitality and gaming sectors in Australia.

Zummo Australia, a prominent player in the beverage industry renowned for its revolutionary juicing technology, made its mark at the AGE Trade Show for the second year in a row. The Zummo range of  state-of-the-art juicing machines, captured the attention of both existing clientele and potential partners.

The Zummo stand was designed with an eye-catching display of our latest juicers in action. Visitors were treated to live demonstrations of the machines’ capabilities, witnessing firsthand the efficiency and convenience they bring to commercial juicing operations. The booth soon became a popular spot, attracting a constant stream of curious industry professionals eager to experience Zummo’s cutting-edge technology.

The Zummo Australia team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with some of the industry’s finest operators. From hoteliers and restaurateurs to bar owners and casino managers, the trade show provided a dynamic platform for networking and building meaningful connections.