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If you own a Zummo Z40E or Z40E 2.0 series in particular (light grey side covers and trays) the Internal Belt that drives the Pulp Scraper in your filter needs to be replaced annually. By replacing this Internal Belt, you will experience increased effectiveness of your pulp scraper. Other parts that need to be regularly replaced are the rubber bumpers & internal springs, motor drive belt if required, all the slides need to be checked to ensure that they are not cracked, all other internal parts need to be checked and lubricated so that your machine is running at it’s optimum.

We highly recommend every model of the Zummo Range to have a service annually, this will help reduce the operational noise of your Zummo & keep it in optimal condition. 

*Refer to your Zummo Warranty guide for further information on warranty terms.

^Warranty does not include costs of annual services. 

Booking for an Annual Zummo Service  

Please call 1300 986 666 dial 3 and Michael our service coordinator will book the Zummo Technician in your area.   

Annual Service Fee

  • Capital Cities Metro Areas – $375+gst
  • Outside Metro Areas incurs additional charge.

*prices are subject to change