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Chocolate and Orange Truffles

With the abundance of Valencia oranges overcrowding our farmers markets, what a better time to experiment with a few different recipes. As delicious as drinking the juice is, why not accompany your refreshment with a snack. Today, the Zummo kitchen…

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4 Fitness Trends to End Boring Workouts

Okay, it’s 2018, time to really get started on those cringe-worthy fitness New Year’s resolutions. Except… perhaps the ordeal won’t be quite as bad as you think. Zummo has done the hard work for you and spotted some early bird…

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‘Tis the Season for Juicing

As summer approaches, Aussies are turning to their favourite fruit and vegetables to satisfy those hot summer's day cravings, and what better way to cool down than with a glass of icy, fresh Zummo juice! Valencia oranges, one of the…

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Zummo Hero


Have you been wondering how you can increase your total store sales? Well, the ZUMMO HERO is here to help! The ‘Zummo Hero’ programme will add a positive spin on your store sales by lending a helping hand in selling…

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Health Myths Busted

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is no easy achievement. With all the cheese, wine and ice cream on offer it can be easy to buy into a whole lot of health info that’s kind of loopy in the search for a…

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