Fine Foods 2023 Wrap Up!



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Fine Foods 2023 proved that the industry is not just bouncing back but thriving like never before. This year has undeniably been challenging for everyone with the “hangover” of the pandemic still casting it’s long shadow over the industry at large. However, as we wrap up Fine Foods 2023, the industry is back on track.

The Zummo Australia team were run off their feet with a great deal of stand attendance and genuine interest from other industry leaders. The hustle and bustle of the trade show floor, the aromatic wafts of culinary delights, and the hum of networking conversations filled the air, creating an atmosphere of rejuvenation and excitement.

As we say goodbye to Fine Foods 2023, we do so with eager anticipation for what lies ahead. The energy and enthusiasm of this year’s event have left us hungry for more, and we are excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Fine Foods event in Melbourne next year. With the lessons learned and the connections made in 2023, we are confident that the future holds even greater promise for the food service and retail sectors. 

Marcelle Horn

Managing Director