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Founder Marcelle Horn talks about the 5 most common questions she’s asked about Zummo.

1.How much?

Zummo Australia offers a competitive price for the upfront purchase of a commercial orange juicing machine, however, we also offer alternatives such as:

12 month hire

Put down a security deposit and a signature and walk away with a brand new Zummo, without the ownership commitment. Enjoy the flexibility of weekly payments, the option to upgrade your machine at any time, and the opportunity to purchase or return after 12 months. On purchase, Zummo will deduct 50% of all rent payments made from the total price of your machine and throw in a 12-month warranty extension.

Rent to own

You don’t need to invest lump sums of vital profits to secure a Zummo. Get a cash boost with our finance option, which makes funding quick and simple so you can get on with business sooner. We’ve partnered with reliable financiers who make it easy for you to get the equipment you need to succeed when you need it. Start juicing now—there’s no need to wait to enjoy a boost in profits.
*Conditions Apply

2. How hard is it to clean?

Zummo machines are super easy to clean and maintain. Check out this video from Chris Horn and what happened when he took apart piece by piece his very first Zummo.

3. What size fruit will the machine take?

Depending on the machine, most Zummo machines have different cup sizes and fruit size options. Contact our friendly sales team for more information.

4. What sort of service do you offer?

In addition to the standard 3-year factory warranty provided by Zummo Australia we also provide to our customers a unique warranty that covers all parts and labour for the term of the warranty period should they need replacing or servicing due to any mechanical or electrical issues arising due to a factory manufacturing defect.


In addition to this we will arrange for a service technician to attend to your premises wherever possible within a 24 to 48 hour period to service the machine ON-SITE. (Capital Cities and major metropolitan areas only).

5. How easy is it to get parts?

Zummo Australia services on-site and will source parts and replacements as needed.


If the machine is unable to be repaired on-site we can arrange for a replacement machine to be installed at your premises so as to minimize any interruption to your business. (Capital Cities and major metropolitan areas only).



What power is required to run Zummo?

All Zummo models have the same power requirements: 240 V/10 AMP outlet.

Can I check how many oranges are being used?

The machines have a digital counter so you can count exactly how many cycles (oranges squeezed) you have done.

Can I put different sizes of fruit in the hopper?

No you cannot mix the sizes of fruit in your hopper. You must change your classifier and cup kit to juice a different size fruit, which is simple and takes just a few minutes.

What maintenance is required for my Zummo?

Daily cleaning. All parts can be put in the dishwasher except the perspex cover (60degrees C max).

How many oranges make one glass of orange juice?

It takes 3 or 4 oranges depending on the size and juiciness to make a 250ml glass of orange juice?

It takes 3 or 4 oranges depending on size and juiciness to make a 250ml glass of orange juice.

What should I be paying per kilo for oranges*?

We say between 80 cents and $1.20. We have clients paying less than 80 cents and in some cases even much less than that. (*dependant on seasonal market variations)

What if the machine jams during operation?

The machine will stop when the thermal overload switch kicks into save the motor from burning out. Easy to reset.

What sort of oranges should I use?

Valencia are best. Otherwise any orange provided by your supplier will taste delicious when juiced by a Zummo.

What other fruits can I use in my Zummo juicer?

Limes, lemons, grapefruits, mandarins, pomegranates,. You can also use blood oranges when in season to mix things up!

What is the warranty on Zummo products?

Zummo provides a three year warranty on all purchases including parts and labour, plus a 24 hour repair or replace policy.

What materials are used to build Zummo machines?

The body of the juicer is made from stainless steel with the highest grade materials used for the casing.

Which machine juices different citrus fruits for custom juice?

The Z06 model is the ideal machine to alternate your fruits so that you can create original juice blends for customers.

Who will service my Zummo juicer?

Most issues can be addressed by talking over the phone about what is happening. If not, we send a service agent to you within 24hours*(metro).

Can I trade up to a higher capacity juicer if necessary?

Yes. Conditions apply.

What is the machine holding capacity?

Z40 hopper holds 20kg

Z14 hopper holds 9kg (20kg basket available)

Z06 hopper holds 5.5kg

Z01 holds 6-7 fruit.

Will I own my Zummo by the end of the rent-to-own period?