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If you’ve ever been to the gym, you may have been exposed to pre and post-workout drinks that fuel the bodybuilding culture. You can get lost for hours in some pharmacies and supplements stores trying to figure out which products are better for your physical needs. But at the end of the day, all most people need is just 100% natural energy sources.

Pre Workout

Pre Workouts are designed to provide energy stimulants and contain a blend of ingredients such as creatine. However, there is little empirical research to support that these ingredients assist in enhancing physical activity. According to Sports Dietitians Australia, one of the main reasons to avoid preworkouts is because of the excessive levels of caffeine.

In fact, you’re better off drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to provide the energy levels needed to sustain an average workout, why not try a Zummo before your next workout. To optimise performance, it is best to consume it with a source of protein that will help to minimise muscle damage. Depending on the time of day you workout, you can have a porridge, greek yogurt, trail mix to give you the extra energy you need.   

Post workout

Our bodies are like machines. Like computers, it is important to recharge ourselves through exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet to stop us from going flat. But when you’re exercising, your body loses electrolytes – a scientific term for the cells in your body that regulate the amount of water in your body. Electrolytes contain minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium which are important for kidney health and regulating fluids throughout the body.

This isn’t a bad thing. You should definitely keep up with the good work(out). When you work out, you lose electrolytes through sweat so it is important to keep hydrated and replenish them with good sources. Citrus fruits are one of the best sources of electrolytes because of their acidic nature. This is why you sometimes see athletes consuming orange wedges during football games or marathons.

But marketers of sports drinks will have you believe that their products contain such electrolytes which your body “needs” after exercise. This is simply not the case. Most of us don’t work out for long enough to justify consuming sports drinks like Powerade. If you’re an athlete, or you workout for more than an hour in a session then you may consider it. But for the rest of us, sports drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar that can have negative effects on the body.

All in all

If you work out on a semi-regular basis, you’re better off without the physical supplements because they could be doing more harm than good. A humble glass of freshly squeezed Zummo orange juice can simply do the trick.