Hidden Gems: Greengrocers and Specialty Products



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Greengrocers are spotted all over our neighbourhoods, and asides being gems in themselves they often have products unique to their store.

Every area has their own ecosystem. Farmers grow different produce depending on the location, and the greengrocers that buy their produce often have a small collection of locally sourced products that you cannot find anywhere else – or at least not as fresh!

Check out these two greengrocers for some of the best, locally sourced farm produce around!

(And grab a refreshing Zummo while you’re there!)

Seagrass Greengrocer

Be you a local or just heading up the coast for some sun and surf, the Seagrass Greengrocer has a wide array of fruits, meats, and other locally sourced produce – their specialty is a delectable range of homemade foods that can be eaten straight away, or sneakily hidden in your fridge for a snack later! The baklava, in particular, is quite the delight!

They also have locally grown dragon fruit, coconut yoghurt, and vegan-friendly meat alternatives.


The Standard Market Company

A locally grown business that has boomed over the last decade, The Standard Market Company has created new standards for not only sourcing quality produce but distributing it to the people. Only buying the best fruits, vegetables, meats, and other goods, these guys know how to meet the needs of a hungry population.

The perfect place to do your shopping is at their storefront in Gasworks Plaza, Newstead, which has got you covered with speciality stores for fruit, meats, breads, deli foods, and fresh juice – made with Zummo! – all handled and created with love.

Visit one of their Quench juice bars for a fresh smoothie, juice, or acai bowl!