How to maximise profit from your Zummo Juicing Machine – best practice guide



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Zummo citrus juicing machines are extremely profitable due their patented Efficient Vertical System (EVS) of juice extraction.

Each 2.50 kg of good quality juicing oranges can be expected to yield 1 litre of pure orange juice. To achieve maximum profitability of the Zummo machine follow these easy steps…

  1. Buy good quality, sweet juicing oranges
  2. Position the ZUMMO in one of the best spots in your store with great customer visibility
  3. Give away free tasting samples. 7 out of 10 people will purchase after tasting the sweet juice.
  4. Price accordingly with your client demographic. Aim for at least +50% GP
  5. Ensure that you have well-maintained signage and POS materials
  6. Use the Zummo video to attract customer interest
  7. Use high-quality clear PET bottles
  8. Always have the machine hopper stocked with fruit to look attractive and appealing
  9. Always have fresh squeezed OJ on display in a well-stocked and attractive ice display unit
  10. Use the Zummo Recipe for Success
  11. Use other orange varieties when available such as Blood Oranges, Caracara to pre bottle juice that can be sold for much higher margins. Mix with orange juice for better margins.
  12. Use Pomegranates for producing pre-bottled juice. Can be mixed with orange juice for great retail margins
  13. Keep the machine and equipment in a clean and attractive condition
  14. Replace worn and scratched front covers so that the customer can clearly see the juice being made
  15. Promote the juice on your social media and include in any print advertising that you may produce
  16. Promote, promote promote.
  17. Implement the Zummo Hero programme to have a Zummo attendant on hand at busy/appropriate time to introduce and promote to customers to the Self-Serve concept and the Zummo orange juice. This person can be responsible for the promotion of the Zummo juice, keeping the machine and bottles stocked, cleanliness etc. I have seen it work very well when the Zummo Hero can also direct customers to other areas of the store assisting with sales and customer requests. The Zummo Hero will not only increase you Zummo Orange Juice sales but will positively impact and increase overall store sales with their knowledge of specials and the best produce bargains to be had in-store.

This is the most rewarding and best long term tactic to employ in your grocery business. Delivers on excellent customer service and builds customer loyalty by the Zummo Hero recognising regular customers and welcoming them into the business with a personalised greeting.