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Introducing the ISLA!

How would you like to add sliced, diced or sticks of pineapple to your menu? 

Ready to eat menu items offer you the opportunity to increase your offering and profit margins. The new ISLA by Zummo takes another step forward in bringing fresh fruit to the consumer, in a ready-to-eat format. This new pineapple slicer is the latest innovation in the added value fresh fruit market. ISLA by Zummo, provides quick and easy preparation of fresh pineapple, making it ready to eat anywhere you want. This machine is a must for any supermarket or grocery shop.

The ISLA provides easy on the go fresh pineapple for your customers to enjoy and has three different serving methods, slices, sticks, or chunks!

You will be creating new sensations for your customers, while guaranteeing the very best quality of your offer. ISLA will boost your earnings by including high technology to your business.

How It Works:

The ISLA is adaptable to different sizes of pineapples, getting the most out of pineapples. In just 15 seconds the ISLA cuts off the crown, removes the peel and the core of the pineapple, and then cuts it into slices, chunks or sticks. Fresh and ready to go!

With ISLA you will be looking after the planet. The new biodegradable packaging does not produce any harmful waste, nor does it pollute the environment. Our packaging will feed the planet and catch the eye of your customers.

Additional Benefits:

ISLA will be the difference in any supermarket, fruit market or grocery shop.

  • Increase your shop’s profits.
  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Simple, elegant aesthetics.

Our new model will quickly and easily adapt to your establishment. Customise the graphics and stickers to fully match the aesthetics of your business. 

ISLA has arrived to give an about-turn to the way we eat natural pineapple. Why will it be a success in your business? Because it is quick, easy to use, safe and profitable. 

A new natural paradise. With ISLA you will experience all the freshness of pineapple.

Find out how you could add fresh pineapple to your menu. Zummo specialises in supplying commercial cold press juicing and slicing machines for the food service industry.

Make your business stand out from the rest by offering innovations to your customers and keep them coming back!