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Often when Zummo Representatives visit a Zummo site, they come across Zummo orange juice machines with an ‘out of order’ sign attached to the front of the machine. On most of these occasions, these Zummo machines have just been pulled apart for cleaning or the business is awaiting delivery of their oranges.

To avoid any confusion, Zummo has now developed a “Cleaning In Progress” sign. This sign can be placed onto your fruit basket whenever the Zummo machine is turned off and self service is not available to your customers. We believe this conveys a positive message to your customers about how well your Zummo Machine is being maintained and how much your business cares about delivering only the best quality juice every time.

These signs are now included in all our starter packs for new Zummo clients. For all our existing Zummo businesses, let’s all convey this very important and positive message to our customers. Please call 0414 240 752 to arrange delivery of your sign.