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Are you a greengrocer who wants to prevent their excess citrus produce from going to waste? Perhaps you’re a cafe owner who just can’t keep up with demand for freshly squeezed orange juice. Look no further than the Z14 juicer from Zummo Australia.

The Z14 is purposely designed for commercial use in small to medium businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. If you’re constantly run off your feet with customers then you will love how easy the machine is to maintain. All you need to do is top up the oranges when running low because your customers will love their Zummo juice – because if it’s not Zummo it’s not fresh!

A single serve of freshly squeezed juice is produced in just under 30 seconds. Your customers will love the maximum freshness and minimum wait time to receive their orange elixir. Just simply press a button and the magic of the Z14 happens instantly. Your customers can watch the magic unfold in front of their eyes – take a look for yourself!

Unlike espresso coffee machines, you don’t need to clean or prepare anything in between orders. It also yields a higher Gross Profit – a $3.50 coffee at 45% GP v $5.50 Zummo juice at 80% GP!

Unless you go through hundreds of juices (then to that we say, you’re welcome), you will only need to empty the wastebasket at the end of the day. The 14L bin capacity will collect the used rinds which you can then use for organic compost or green waste recycling.

The Z14 is designed for busy businesses who sell a minimum of 30 juices on any given day. This machine will remove the hours spent preparing hand-squeezed citrus juice and give staff back time to do more important things.

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