Need an extra 25K profit? How a ZUMMO juicing machine can add profit to your bottom line



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Cafe businesses are difficult to run. The only way to be profitable is to obviously to sell lots and lots of coffee but what happens when the customer is “coffeed out”?

In order to maximise the coffee sale, you also need complementary food offers.

But introducing food can be at best difficult, at worst a gamble. Preparing and delivering a menu that is popular with your customers, profitable and compliant with food safety standards requires foresight, careful planning and meticulous attention to detail.

Prepackaged goods and third-party suppliers, can offer an alternative to preparing fresh food on site but will offer a smaller margin than preparing fresh food yourself.

A simple yet effective way of creating a fresh, healthy product with minimal expertise is juicing. Over the past  20-years, we’ve seen juice bars pop up on every street corner offering everything from green smoothies to nut shakes.

But complicated juice offers have become just as hard to manage as a menu. You have to consider the volumes, expiry and quality of the fruit and vegetables, employing staff to do the juicing and continuous cleaning of the juice machine.

Fresh juice is the natural alternative and complement to coffee – it has high-profit margins compared to other food items and is the ultimate upsell after a customer is “coffeed out”.  So how do you squeeze a dollar out of juice?

Commercial Orange Juicing Machines

Commercial orange juicing machines have been around for a long time. But in Australia, they are still gaining momentum.

In Europe, every cafe, bar and restaurant has a commercial orange juicer. Why? Because it’s super simple and very profitable.

Consider this…

A coffee costs around $1.65  for a cafe to make (including the beans, milk, container and labour) and sells for an average of $4.00 *. giving a GP of approx. 60% and a penny profit of $2.35

A 250 ml orange juice produced by your Zummo  with no additional labour costs is around $1.00   to produce including the bottle ( No bottle cost of you are serving in a reusable glass in your café)    and sells for an average of $5.00 Giving a GP of 80% and a penny profit of $4.00

Think about it this way: if you can sell the easy average quantity of up to 50 juices per day, then you will be adding a daily Gross Profit of around $200. That’s an extra $1,000  per week or nearly $50,000 per year! (Based on a 5 day per week business)

A Zummo juicing machine could be the best investment in your café this year and the next and the next.


Debunking the myths

The four reasons you thought you didn’t need a commercial orange juicer

You thought they were too expensive

At Zummo, we understand that in today’s highly competitive business environment every dollar counts, and the decision to invest in new equipment has to be balanced against the returns gained. We’re so sure our citrus juicers will increase the top line sales that we offer a purchase option to suit everyone.

About our commission based hire… just juice and serve:
We ask for a refundable (stt&c) Security deposit and then you just pay us as you juice, making this a risk free arrangement! Simply sell a delicious serving of Zummo citrus juice in our beautiful glassware or attractive bottle and your machine automatically counts the citrus fruits you squeeze. We audit weekly and calculate the juices you have sold,  and we charge a pre-negotiated percentage that is capped to make sure that your café will gain maximum profits. (Not available to all businesses)

Other options; Rent to own over your preferred term, our 12-month hire (with attractive purchase options) or outright purchase.

You thought they would take up too much space

Occupying a 0.16 sqm of your precious bench space, the Zummo juicing machine operate with no fuss and no extra labour cost.  In some commercial operations, the machine can be set up so that the customer can even make their own freshly squeezed orange juice.

We custom install your Zummo machine, signage and can even supply a skinny fridge for “grab & go”  to make sure you can minimise the space and maximise the profit.

You thought they were hard to clean and needed lots of maintenance

Each machine comes with a three-year warranty and will be set up for you to start making profits from day one.

The Zummo Machines are made in Europe from the best quality parts and the unique vertical press squeezing system takes less than 15 minutes to clean.

You thought they only juiced oranges

Zummo machines commercial juicing machines are equipped with adjustable squeezing kits for maximum versatility.  Your Zummo can juice lemons, limes, mandarins, grapefruit, even pomegranates a Z40 can do it all.

Find out more about the ZUMMO Z40  here.

The Bottom Line.  Read on, this is VITALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU!

When you invested in your café business either as a startup or the purchase of an existing café every professional business advisor will tell you to look for your exit strategy. By this, they mean when it comes time for you to get out of the business you will need to sell it for the maximum amount that you can get for it. Makes sense, of course, it does?

How do you value your business for sale? It is a relatively simple equation that boils down to the (Net) REAL profits the business generates after all expenses and wages.

Café brokers use a formula of  (Net) REAL PROFITS times a factor that is dependant on lots of things but it is basically somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5. Of course, you need to add stock and equipment at value but you have little control over this. WHAT you can control is your bottom line, the real profits of your café business. Let’s take a café making $50,000 REAL PROFIT then that café will be worth anywhere between $75,000 and $125,000 plus stock and plant and equipment.

Now think about the Zummo orange juice solution. If you are making an extra $25,000 P.A. in Net profit from your Zummo orange juicer then your business has magically just increased in value by approx. $50,000 ++

This is the real magic of ZUMMO.

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