Zummo Business Solution – experience the difference

We care about your business Right from your initial enquiry, our focus is on you. Where is your business? What would you like to use a juicing machine for? How many people do you serve each day? Pre-bottle or Self-Serve? These are just some of the questions we’ll ask you…

Comparing commercial orange juicing machines – what you need to know

There is a lot to consider when comparing the difference and price of the various commercial orange juicing machines. If price is your one and only consideration, then jump on the internet and buy any of the machines manufactured in China for a few hundred dollars. But be prepared though…

The Zummo sales and service – more than just a machine!

Zummo Process

The Zummo Australia offers more than just a juicing machine! We offer a full-service business solution. Here's how it works... Step 1 – Call or email us! You might never know how orange juice can change your business until you make that first call or email! Step 2 – Let’s chat…

How to up-sell and use promotions to maximise your café profit

how to maximise your cafe profit with upsells and promotions

In retail, they often say the hardest part of the sale is to get someone in the door but Zummo Founder Chris Horn disagrees. He believes that most cafe businesses go broke not because they didn't' get the foot traffic but because they didn't know how to promote and maximise…

6 Reasons why Zummo should be on your menu

Superfoods sparked a worldwide phenomenon back in 2013, and since then every hipster, man and his dog, and fitness junkie has thrown the word around like it’s going out of fashion. Well, we have news for you hipsters, man and his dog and fitness junkie, oranges are in fact, the…

What is a Plant-Based Diet?

Fruit flatlay

But, what the heck is a plant-based diet? A plant-based diet is where a large portion of your diet consists of plant-based products, and the amount of meat and animal-products is reduced - unlike vegan or vegetarian diets, where animal products are eliminated entirely. Now, about those benefits! Personally, plant-based…

Hidden Gems: Greengrocers and Specialty Products

Farmers Market

Greengrocers are spotted all over our neighbourhoods, and asides being gems in themselves they often have products unique to their store. Every area has their own ecosystem. Farmers grow different produce depending on the location, and the greengrocers that buy their produce often have a small collection of locally sourced…

Going Natural

Natural breakfast

Ah, natural sugar. It gets a bit of a bad rep because of its distant cousin, refined sugar, which can cause a plethora of health issues when too much is included your diet.  Natural sugars are actually good for you! In fact, our bodies would not be able to function…

A Guide to Mindful Eating

Food flat lay

Mindful eating is a new practice that focuses on the benefits of paying close attention to your eating habits. The main part of mindful eating is playing close to not only what you are eating, but how, when, and why you are eating. Mindless eating is a bad habit that…

Flour-less Orange & Almond Cake

Orange Almond Cake

Going sugar-free does not have to be the be all and end all. If you can master the temptation of the sugar demons, then you will be rewarded with extra energy and a healthier lifestyle. We’ve discovered local wellness influencer Casey-Lee Lyons and are a big fan of her blog…

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