Pina Slicer


Freshly Cut Pineapple

Zummo takes another step forward in its aim to bring fresh fruit to the consumer in a ready-to-eat format. The company’s retail range expands with Pina Slicer by Zummo, a solution designed for the retailer and conceived to be used by the
consumer. Shopping experience, safety, speed and high profitability make this product a must for any supermarket or grocery shop.

Types of cutting 2
Slices or chunks *.
(to be defined by the operator)
Fruit size 7 Ø108 / Ø125 mm
Waste capacity 50
Chunks: Optional.


How does Pina Slicer make your life easier?

Just choose a pineapple, and Pina Slicer cuts off the crown, removes the peel and core, and cuts it into slices, chunks, or block. In just 15 seconds, your pineapple is ready to eat!

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Technical Specifications

Power 530 W, 22-240 V, 50Hz
Automatic Yes
Net Weight 180 Kg
Fruits Size Pineapple - 7 (Ø108-Ø125 mm). Max fruit diameter Ø128 mm. Height fruit: 140-175 mm
Measurements 1703 (h) x 730(w) x 600 (d) mm
Safety Door Switch, Magnetic Sensor

Purchase Options

Outright Purchase

Purchase your choice of Zummo machines outright and start juicing now. Zummo juicing machines are the best technology you will invest in this year. Turning oranges into dollars, these industry leading machines can start making you money from day one, meaning the break-even period of any machine is a very short one. These machines are all about maximum output with minimal fuss, meaning no additional workload.

12 month hire

Put down a security deposit and a signature and walk away with a brand new Zummo, without the ownership commitment. Enjoy the flexibility of weekly payments, the option to upgrade your machine at any time, and the opportunity to purchase or return after 12 months. On purchase Zummo will deduct 50% of all rent payments made from the total price of your machine and throw in a 12 month warranty extension.

Rent to own

You don’t need to invest lump sums of vital profits to secure a Zummo. Get a cash boost with our finance option, which makes funding quick and simple so you can get on with business sooner. We’ve partnered with reliable financiers who make it easy for you to get the equipment you need to succeed, when you need it. Start juicing now—there’s no need to wait to enjoy a boost in profits.
*Conditions Apply

Starting juicing with your Pina Slicer


Unique vertical juice extraction system; a Zummo exclusive. Based on manual juice extraction system it achieves
maximum profitability, obtaining the purest possible juice with the greatest operational functionality.

Juice extraction kits

The different-sized juice extraction kits help to maximise the yield
of the juice extracted from the fruit depending on its diameter.
Easily identifiable thanks to the characteristic colour of each range:
Medium (M): Orange; Large (L): Maroon.

Payment devices

Has a payment system that activates the machine. Payment
methods: Prepayment cards/loyalty, Credit/debit cards, Mobile
apps/payment gateways.

Automatic filter

Comprised of a belt that starts to move when the juice extraction
starts up, sweeping away the seeds and pulp that remain in the
filter: greater juice extraction performance and greater autonomy.


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