Roz White, Owner White’s IGA Baringa, Sunshine Coast



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Roz White talks about why she loves Zummo and some other benefits that the Zummo machine can offer.

More reasons to love Zummo!

“It’s like picking an orange straight off the tree

and eating it there and then.”

Roz White from White’s IGA here on the beautiful Sunshine Coasthas been rolling out Zummo machines across their stores over the last 18 months.

Their customers absolutely love them and it really introduces something really diverse and unique into the range for customers to enjoy. Roz said that “We all know that our shoppers and our customers are interested in their own health and wellness and this cold press orange juice that is just literally squeezed straight direct from a beautiful fresh orange into a bottle with the convenience to go fresher than fresh.

Roz also commented that “With really good Gross Profit and Sales, Zummo is a great solution for their customers. It’s literally like walking into an orchard and picking an orange fresh off the tree and eating it there and then full of goodness nutrients. “

The other points that White’s IGA love about the entire Zummo system is the clean labeling and the raw and wholesome flavours are absolutely magnificent particularly when they’ve got the new season oranges coming through and and the beautiful beautiful freshness of that citrus.

White’s have added the cold-pressed juice machines so they can do mixed recipes. Creating beautiful fresh produce that using carrots, apples, pineapples, strawberries and all sorts of things which is great way of using up all your oversupply of goods. Repurposing them which makes that a really good way to reduce waste and offer something really enticing to our customers.

Roz White loves Zummo and said she highly recommends the Zummo machine and the cold press machine it’s a great offer to your customers.

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