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To better service our loyal Zummo customers in remote and regional areas by Zummo Australia, Chris and Marcelle Horn (Directors) decided to embark on a massive road trip across northern and western Queensland to service Zummo machines in our remote customer base. This was the start of a fantastic adventure of 9500km driving across some of the most beautiful country combined with some of the most remote and worst roads in Australia.

There were many sites to visit all the way from Agnes Waters through to Rockhampton where Marcelle met with Domenic at Doblo’s to get them started with Zummo. This was literally an overnight delivery from Brisbane after a morning meeting to discuss their juicing needs.  After installing and training the next day we were on the road again by 10am.

Postcards of a Zummo Road Trip

The first service after continuing north was in Mackay where I serviced a 6-year-old Z40. This machine was in fair shape after all these years and required a new blade and a good internal clean and parts lubrication. I replaced the internal drive belts that run the pulp scraper on the filter. Particular attention was paid to the Tomlinson tap which had not been backflushed daily allowing a build-up of residue inside the tap. Other than that, the machine was a great example of the Zummo brand showing minimal wear and tear apart from the consumable parts.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Brenden from Active Blends in Mackay who recently purchased a Goodnature X-1 Mini and is delighted at how his new Cold Press has significantly improved his juice production.

Then onto Townsville where I serviced 2 x Z40 machines and a Goodnature X-1.  It was in Townsville that we decided to continue to Darwin by driving across the Savannah Way. After servicing one of our first remote Z40 installations at Trinity Beach we moved on to Atherton.

From Atherton, after servicing the Z40 we travelled to Undara and then Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria for an overnight and a well-earned beer at the famous Animal Bar at the Karuma pub.

Next overnight was the well-named Hells Gate at the border of Qld and the NT. Here the track became very interesting with corrugated roads, deep bulldust and 3 river crossings before arriving at the largely indigenous town of Borroloola. Next stop Darwin!  

The next day a 4 am start saw us flying from Darwin to Alice Springs to install a Goodnature X1 and a Zummo Z14 into a beautiful café and juicing business. The Goodnature X1 combined with the Zummo Z14 proved to be revolutionary for them, saving more than 4 hours of labour each day in their juice preparation. Previously using 3 Kuvings juice presses to do all their juicing the combination of the Zummo Z14 and the X1 has more than tripled their output (with excess production capacity to spare) while saving money on labour and producing a better tasting and better looking juice. They love it and have already named the X1 “The Beast”.  So ended a 20-hour day, we flew back to Darwin that night very happy, tired, and proud that our Zummo and Goodnature machines could prove to be so beneficial and profitable for a business.

Not wanting to be so adventurous for our journey home and wanting to get back to work in Brisbane as quickly as possible we drove down the track and across to Winton to service a Z14 Self Service machine. This Z14 is a very early Self-Service machine that had seen quite a bit of work. Stripping it down once again proved to me just how well built these Zummo machines are. Apart from some drying of the slide lubricant in the desert heat the internals were in perfect shape. After a few adjustments here and there and a liberal dose of grease onto the mechanisms, the Z14 was as good as new. We serviced another Z14 in Longreach with the same results. These Zummo’s just keep going on and on. With a regular service annually, they will last a lifetime.

Our last service we arrived in the Qld country town of Miles. This Zummo was a Z40 model and the machine was as good as new. A strip down, clean and greasing of slides etc. plus replacement of some wearing parts and the Z40 was running very quietly and smoothly.

Now we were on the home stretch and soon back in Brisbane. What a wonderful time to see some of the amazing Australian country, meet fantastic people and to witness firsthand just how appreciated the Zummo range of citrus juicers are in these businesses.

Before, During and After – We covered over 9500km to catch up with customers across Qld and NT

From my perspective as the founder of Zummo Australia it was a privilege to meet the many store owners and to hear their stories about how the Zummo machines have had such a positive impact on their businesses. They love their Zummo machines for all the commercial reasons, but their customers love them also for the wonderfully fresh and tasty orange juice that the machines provide.

So many great people running successful businesses with Zummo

I am very proud of our wonderful Zummo products that prove time and time again that when you make the decision to purchase the very best commercial citrus juicer in the world combined with the very best service that Zummo Australia provides you are making an investment in your businesses growth and profitability that will continue to delight for many, many years.  

To quote from the  famous American Zig Ziglar “ It’s easier to explain price once than it is to apologise for poor quality forever.”