The Zummo sales and service – more than just a machine!

Zummo Process

The Zummo Australia offers more than just a juicing machine! We offer a full-service business solution. Here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Call or email us!

You might never know how orange juice can change your business until you make that first call or email!

Step 2 – Let’s chat

To find the best juicing machine for you, we need to know all about you and your business. We can do this via phone, in person or via our handy calculator but some of the basics we need to know include;

  • Business location
  • Daily foot count
  • Seasonal trends
  • Reason for juicing
  • Your expectations

Step 3 – The options

Once we know the basics, we can give you an idea of what machine will work best for you and a forecast on what to expect.

WANT TO SKIP SOME STEPS? We’ve just created an online handy calculator to calculate how much profit a Zummo can deliver to you, just visit  www.zummoaustralia.com.au  and you’ll get the chance to do steps 1-3 in less than 5 minutes!

Step 4 – Site visit

Let us help you work out the best position and space for your Zummo machine. Once we know the specs, we’ll work out a package for you. This includes not just the machine but the display unit, bottle rack and waste disposal methods.

Business Centre

Step 5 – Say yes!

Want an easy to use, easy to maintain profit centre that will bring your customers back time and time again? Just say yes!

Step 6 – Installation day

Installing a Zummo is not just drop and go affair. Our friendly installation team will help you set up the Zummo station, stock the bottle rack, install signage and merchandising to ensure from day one your machine is more than just a juicer – it’s a star attraction.

Step 7 – Post-sales service

We’ll follow up with you after a couple of weeks and again six to 12 months down the track to make sure your machine is delivering the goods!

Start Juicing Today!

Offer your customers the finest orange juice they have ever tasted and generate a great profit margin with Zummo!

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