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Recently, Ted got the chance to meet Ben, Liam and the inspiration behind the Condo Bakeries new Zummo purchase ‘Jack & Joe’ during the install of their new Zummo Z40 out in Condobolin.
Having just purchased an Orange Orchard that’s impossible to miss as you drive into town Ben asked his two sons ‘Jack’ & ‘Joe’ what he should do with all of the fruit that was coming into season.
“Why don’t we turn it into juice”
And with that great idea came – Zummo, the first instalment in the new brand and direction for Condo bakery.
It was great to be part of the first step in the new Jack & Joe brand and even better to see all the hard work that Ben & Liam put into bringing Condobolin the best pies, pastries, bread and now JUICE!