Why Narinder Singh from QE Food Stores Loves Zummo



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We asked Narinder Singh from QE Food Stores why loves Zummo so much he owns eleven (11)  Zummo machines and counting. His answer “I call them Money-Making Machines”.

More reasons to love Zummo!

“I like to call these machines Money-Making Machines because that’s what they really are.”

“We’ve got 11 Zummo Machines across all of our stores.  …. I Orginally delayed in talking to Zummo because I was using another brand that I thought was very similar to Zummo, which put me off talking to Zummo. Finally, I made the decision to call Zummo, I put IN 1 Machine , then 2 and 3, and now Zummo is in all of our stores and new every new store we launch.”                   Narinder Singh from QE Food Stores

Contact us today to find out how you can add a “Money-Making Machine” to your Grocery, Fruit Store, Cafe or Restaurant today. Call us on 1300 Zummo (1300 986 666)