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It’s almost that time of year again. The crimson goodness of blood orange season is back! But only for a short amount of time.

Blood oranges are called so because, well – they are like oranges and they look like the colour of blood. But these little orbs of goodness are the hybrid of a pomelo and a tangerine. Sweet and juicy on the inside and aesthetic when cut in half for a post to Instagram.

A variety of these bad boys originated in Zummo’s mother land of Valencia in the orchards of Spain. However, they are most commonly attributed to the Italian city of Sicily – try saying that fast ten times. Fun fact, Australian grown blood-oranges are exported there because the Italians can’t get enough of the stuff.

Another fun fact, blood oranges were once reserved for royalty. But don’t take our word for it, CEO of Citrus Australia (a real organisation after our own hearts), Judith Damiani, goes into great depth describing the fruit in detail. Here is an excerpt we thought you might value:

“There’s certainly something opulent and mysterious about this one of a kind fruit which contains a rich blend of vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, vitamin A, antioxidants and fibre,” she said.

But what exactly are they good for?

  1. They are quite versatile. They can be substituted for most citrus fruits including oranges, lemons and limes. So if you don’t happen to have any lime wedges for your margarita but you happen to have some blood oranges lying around, lucky you!
  2. You can use them in sweet and savoury dishes. From caramel and blood orange tarts to blood orange infused cous cous. For a true Mediterranean delight, try an agrumato which is a special blend of olive oil and blood orange, perfect for salads!
  3. Blood orange oil is said to aphrodisiac properties according to aromatherapists – yes there is such a profession. The next time you cut open a blood orange, take a moment to smell and see if you feel aroused.

Blood orange season falls in August to early September each year in Australia. Rumour has it that it sometimes falls early in July and possibly extends into October!  You can sample some blood orange juice this month at your local Zummo cafe or greengrocer. Let us know your thoughts of the taste in the comments below!