5 Winter Wellness Tips



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It’s that time of year again. Flu season!

The winds are blowing in from the west. People are dressed in their winter woolies.  Pharmaceutical companies are promoting their cold and flu products.

You know what they say – prevention is always better than a cure. But getting the flu at this time of year seems kind of inevitable. Luckily, there’s Zummo to the rescue!

Studies have shown that freshly squeezed juice like Zummo can help to strengthen one’s immune system. That’s because citrus fruits such as oranges contain Vitamin C which may help to reduce the effect of cold and flu symptoms.

Orange juice is especially good for children to help protect them from high rates of illness from their classmates. It probably makes sense now why your Mum would always give you a glass of the stuff whenever you stayed home from school.

That’s not to say you can drink a bottle of orange juice and wake up feeling rid of all your bad bacteria. Here are 5 health and wellness tips to make sure you get back on your feet ASAP:

  1. Make sure you wear extra layers of clothes or blankets in winter. You will be more vulnerable to severe infections if you are exposed to cold air for prolonged periods. You don’t want your common cold to turn in pneumonia and be in hospital for weeks. So cover up.
  2. Have a real organic breakfast with fresh foods. A bowl of fruit-loops isn’t going to cut it. Eat some toast with a banana and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from your local Zummo provider.
  3. Treat yourself to a bath or a longer than usual shower because the steam will help unblock your nose or help regulate your breathing.
  4. Make yourself a hot lemon and honey drink. Citrus drinks really are good for helping soothe sore throats due to their acidic nature.
  5. Stay away from work or populated places if possible. You don’t want to be responsible for infecting others or turn your mild cold into something much worse. Organise someone else to get your goodies from the chemist and make sure they pick you up a glass of Zummo freshly squeezed juice from your local cafe or grocer.  

You can find a list of Zummo suppliers on our website to help you this flu season