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To keep your Zummo machine in pristine and attractive condition is essential that regular daily cleaning practices are practiced.

Your customers enjoy the look and taste of the fresh Zummo juice but this can very quickly lead to loss of sales and profits if you fail to keep your machine clean on a daily basis.

The daily cleaning process only takes about 10 to 15 minutes and by using the supplied cleaning chart you will ensure that the machine is sparkling clean.

We all know how zealous some council health officers are in their duties. Do not let your business become a target for them by not properly cleaning your Zummo machine daily.

One part of the machine that seems to become neglected the most is the top basket area under where the oranges are stored for juicing. Over time sap and oils drip from the fruit and cause a sticky residue to build up. If this is neglected, then instead of a 1 minute daily wipe down it can become a timely and very unpleasant chore as the attached photos show.

Imagine yourself in the customer’s position. Would you want to buy, and drink juice, that has come out of these machines?

I like the story of the Magic Goose that lays golden eggs. The farmer bought a magic goose.

All the farmer has to do everyday is love his goose and pet it and make sure that it is clean and tidy and in return the goose will lay a golden egg every day. Soon the farmer became used to the golden eggs and he forgot to love it and pet it and clean it daily. The goose became sad and tired looking and its golden eggs became smaller every day till they eventually stopped.

“Stupid goose” said the farmer and he gave it away to another farmer who took pity on the goose and cleaned it and loved it. Much to the new farmers surprise the goose started laying golden eggs again and the farmer prospered. He loved the goose and looked after it every day. The goose continued to lay golden eggs and the farmer became wealthy whist the other lazy farmer looked on and was unhappy that he had missed the Golden Opportunity that was his to begin with.

If only he had loved his goose it would have continued to lay Golden eggs every day.

Care for your Zummo machine and it will be your Golden Goose.