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 Penny Royal Now Serving

Fresh Zummo Juice

Penny Royal started back in 1972 when local developer Roger Smith found a pile of convict bricks on a property at Barton, in Tasmania’s midlands.  Delving into history it became apparent that the bricks were once buildings owned by Andrew Gatenby and his family, early pioneers of Van Dieman’s Land.

The current attraction opened in December 1979 and featured interesting products such as a short boat ride, cannons being fired, an interpretive barge ride on how to create gunpowder, and radio-controlled boats. At its peak,

In 2014 JAC Group headed up by Josef Chromy OAM purchased the site and announced plans for an ambitious new development of the site, which received much support from the local community.

After two years in development, the run-down Penny Royal location was transformed into a modern welcoming tourist complex officially opened in April 2016 with Bars Restaurants Cellar Door Rides and Attractions and accommodation.

Aiden the Chef contacted Zummo from our Website as he wanted to Add fresh Orange lime and lemon juice to add to his bar drinks and also in his recipes, after consideration we agreed that the Z06 Zummo would suit his requirements,

This is the first Zummo Juicer in Tasmania and our team is visiting stores across the Apple Isle in search of the ideal outlets to join the group.  Zummo has a lot of interest from other stores such as Cafes Fruit shops and Supermarkets. Once word gets around we are sure that this will be the first of many Zummo’s in Tasmania.

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