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Humble beginnings

After retiring from our previous business in 2010 Chris and I went on a holiday to Europe.  It was on this trip that we discovered in just about every café, restaurant, or hotel we went to there were these very cool looking juice machines.  Not only were we fascinated by the way the oranges rotated in the top of the machine and then dropped down one by one to be cut in half and then automatically squeezed, but the flavour of the juice was also out of this world.

Chris saw the potential for the Australian market and thought it made complete sense for cafes and restaurants to have a Zummo in their business.  “Why would anyone drink a juice with preservatives in it when they can have a freshly squeezed Zummo juice?”

It wasn’t until I opened a couple of cafes in Brisbane and put a Zummo Z14 Classic Machine in each one of them that we realised just how profitable these machines were.  

Growth beyond belief

Building a website was the catalyst to what Zummo Australia is today, we went from having a small business that we treated as a hobby to having a business that was growing beyond control.  The cold press juice business is a multibillion-dollar business worldwide and we are proud to be a part of such an exciting and growing industry. Today Zummo Australia has hundreds of machines throughout Australia in just about every Food Retail or Food Service business you can think of.

Zummo Australia provide total solutions to our clients to help them build a sustainable and profitable juicing business.  Our drive and passion for our client’s success is the corner stone of our business and after 8 years plus in the business the word has got around.  Zummo Australia are the number one sellers of premium cold press juicing products in Australia.

The future of Zummo Australia

More and more businesses within the hospitality industry are looking for a point of difference and labour-saving devices.  Zummo automatic citrus juicing machines address both challenges.  There has been a physiological shift in our community over the last couple of years.  Consumers are more interested in their health than ever before, producing your own range of freshly made cold press juices is just another way to connect with your community and show your customers that you care about their wellbeing.


Zummo Australia will be exhibiting at this year’s Australasian Gaming Expo at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre starting on Tuesday 9th through until Thursday 11th August 2022

We are really looking forward to being part of the event and hope to see you there!