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Zummo Australia Service Coordinator & Technician for QLD/WA/NT, Michael Tildsley.

Michael’s role at Zummo Australia is to coordinate our Zummo Service Technicians for all our states and territories ensuring that your machines are well maintained. He is also here to assist you with any unexpected repairs. He will be your first point of call if you are having a technical issue with your Zummo Juicer, should you need a service or simply some technical advice.

Michael is based in Brisbane and travels to Western Australia regularly, as well as the Northern Territory.

When a regional or remote location calls for Zummo Australia either to install or service a machine, Michael will contact our existing Zummo clients in the region to ask if any assistance is required by one of our technicians or sales staff. A vital part of our service department’s function is to ensure that our more remote customers are attended to every time we are in their region.

As always, no matter where you are located don’t worry, if your Zummo machine has any issues one of our amazing team members located around the country can help you out. Just contact 1300 986 666 dial 3 for Service and we will be there to help you get Juicing again.