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  1. We care about your business

Right from your initial enquiry, our focus is on you. Where is your business? What would you like to use a juicing machine for? How many people do you serve each day? Pre-bottle or Self-Serve?

These are just some of the questions we’ll ask you before sharing the specs of our machines. Why?

Because every business is different and installing a new piece of equipment is a big commitment. We have a range of different models and payment options, so the more we know about you and your business, the more trust you can have in us to find the right combination for you.

Finding out more about your business also means that we don’t just ask questions, our sales process usually includes a site visit and face-to-face support.


  1. We create a customised Zummo package for you

Have you thought about where to put your machine? How many pallets of oranges you need and where to store or dispose of the waste?  How to display freshly squeezed juice and what bottles you might use?

We have! The Zummo range includes more than five different machines ranging from a desktop Z1 through to a stand-alone kiosk, once we understand your space requirements and potential, we create a customised package for you that includes not just the machine but the bottle supply, signage and TV audiovisual display.

Depending on the model we can also offer you a variety of payment options including outright purchase, commission-based rental, rent-to-buy or lease back.

  1. Personalised installation and training

Installing a Zummo is not just a drop and go affair. Our friendly installation team will help you

  • set up the Zummo station,
  • stock the bottle rack and your fridge or ice display,
  • install signage and merchandising
  • train your staff on how to operate the machine, keep it clean and stocked
  • show you how to upsell juice to customers.
  1. Ongoing support and profit maximisation

When you’ve installed a Zummo, you can have confidence that we will be there for you for servicing, repairs, training and general advice.

We’ll come out and visit you if you have problems, we’ll check in with you annually to see how you’re going, and we are never short on ideas of how to increase your juice sales.

We will even help with logistics like sourcing oranges, displaying your juice and supplying bottles.

We are a phone call or email away, so don’t forget to use our after-sales service – we are the only juice machine retailer in Australia that offers this level of service!