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On a hot summer’s day, you cannot beat an ice cold pressed citrus based summer cocktail! With the right mix of refreshment, much needed energy, and a little liquor to balance it all out, you will be in heaven. The thought of having to cut and squeeze all the citrus ingredients will deter a lot of people from entertaining this idea for their guests. If you have spent the morning peeling prawns it probably is the last thing you would want to do. What if we tell you we have a much simpler way. Yes, you can say goodbye to even think about the peel and the squeeze. With a Zummo Juicer you can whip up just about any number of great refreshing cocktails for your customers or guests at the push of a button. With juice leftover that’s sure to be a hit with the kids, what’s not to love? 

Below are a few of our favourite summer cocktails to get you into that festive cheer. 

The Best Cold-Pressed Mimosa


  • Oranges 80ML
  • Prosecco 80ML

Method: We assume you’re going to want more than one of these, so juice your oranges into a jug, and work with a 50/50 ratio of juice to prosecco. Pour Prosecco first to avoid excessive fizzing over. 

*Tip* If you want to impress your guests, swap the oranges out for mandarins.

The Grapefruit Paloma 


  • Tequila 60ML
  • Grapefruit 60ML
  • Lime 20ML
  • Soda 60ML
  • Agave/Sugar Syrup 10ML

Method: Juice the grapefruits and limes, pouring into a large jug or mixing bowl. Add the tequila, agave or sugar syrup and soda. Mix all ingredients and serve with a slice of grapefruit as garnish. 

Blood Orange Margarita


  • Blood Orange 60ML
  • Lime 30ML
  • Tequila 60ML
  • Agave/Sugar Syrup 10ML
  • Sugar/Salt (For rim)

Method: Use Zummo to juice blood oranges and limes. Add desired quantities to a shaker with ice, add tequila and agave/sugar syrup. Rim the glass with salt or sugar by running a lime along the edge of the serving glass and dip in a plate of salt or sugar. Pour shaken ingredients into a glass with ice, and use blood orange peel to garnish.

Gin n’ Juice With Ruby Grapefruit


  • Oranges 75ML
  • Ruby Grapefruit 45ML
  • Gin 60ML
  • Angostura Bitters 

Method: Juice oranges and grapefruit with your Zummo model. Add your juice into a cocktail shaker with the gin, ice and then shake. Pour over ice before adding a dash of bitters to serve. 

Juiced Colada 


  • White Rum 60ML
  • Pineapple 500 GM Per Press and 350ML 
  • Coconut Cream 60ML

Method: Wash, grind and press your pineapple. Transfer juice to a shaker with ice, rum and cream, shake vigorously and pour over ice. Use leftover pineapple wedge to garnish.

Gin n’ Juice With Green Apple and Pear


  • Gin 45ML
  • Green Apple 300 GM Per Press and 210ML
  • Pear 100 GM Per Press and 70 ML
  • Cucumber 50 GM Per Press and 35ML
  • Lime 30 GM Per Press and 15ML

Method: Wash all produce before placing it in Goodnature. Grind produce and press. Add gin after pressing and serve over ice with remaining cucumber to garnish. 

Watermelon Spritz 


  • Vodka 45 GM Per Press 
  • Watermelon 350 GM Per Press and 300ML
  • Lime 30 GM Per Press and 15ML
  • Mint 30 GM Per Press and 10ML
  • Soda/Sprite Dash GM Per Press and Dash ML

Method: Wash mint and lime. Cut the watermelon out of the skin. Grind and press watermelon, lime, mint, add Vodka then serve over lots of ice. Add extra mint for garnish and top with soda or sprite for extra fizz.

Watermelon Mojito


  • White Rum 50ML
  • Watermelon 350 GM Per Press and 300ML
  • Lime 50 GM Per Press and 30ML
  • Mint 30 GM Per Press and 15ML
  • Soda/Sprite 50ML

Method: Peel watermelon and juice along with lime and mint. Add soda/sprite & white rum, place in a blender with lots of ice and blend.