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Given the current situation that we are facing, caused by COVID-19, it
is important for us at ZUMMO to emphasize that our juicers have all the conditioning factors to guarantee maximum product hygiene.

EVS Advanced Juice Extraction System

From the start of our activity, at Zummo, we have always borne the manual juice extraction system very much in mind for the design of our machines, resulting in a unique and exclusive system based on this, the EVS Advanced (Efficient Vertical System).
With the EVS Advanced, the fruit is accurately cut into two symmetric halves. Each half of the fruit is deposited in a cup, which rotates 180 degrees, and vertically squashes them against two balls, extracting the juice and depositing it directly in the receptacle. This prevents the juice from coming into contact with any part of the system or being able to touch the peel, which is where the external agents are deposited.
Each piece of fruit, when squeezed, makes a complete cycle; the squeezed juice does not enter into contact with the peel of another piece of fruit and will never be left half-squeezed.

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Zummo is so easy to clean 

A unique juice extraction system that guarantees maximum hygiene and juice purity.

The cups and balls that comprise the EVS Advanced juice extraction system have generous radii, with no recesses or corners, making them easier to disinfect and clean.
They are made of solid polypropylene, a WHO-recommended plastic for contact with food. It is also considered to be an ecological plastic, due to its properties, which allow it to be reused. It is very resistant to chemical agents and has good thermal stability.

Maximum cleaning and hygiene certificate

At Zummo, we are aware of the great importance of essential aspects such as cleaning and hygiene in our juicers. These aspects are essential both for the operator of our juicers and for the consumers of the end product. Thus, we focus all our efforts towards that end, aligning R&D and innovation teams to achieve the maximum degree of sanitization and subsequent juice purity.


The EVS juice extraction system, in addition to guaranteeing juice purity on not allowing the juice to come into contact with any machine part at any time, – from the juice extraction through to the moment it is deposited in the receptacle -, and as this
is carried out via a vertical juice extraction system and in the bottom area, prevents splashes or remains on the front cover. Keeping it clean and enabling the Open View of our juicers to remain intact.

Closed ChamberThe basis for the design of all the Zummo juicers is the Closed chamber, seeking maximum practicality together with the greatest possible air-tightness, and protection of the system, preventing any external agent from entering the juice preparation and extraction area.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

We advise using protective gloves to handle our juicers.
Cleaning the juice extraction system and front cover at least once a day is advisable.
Do not forget to regularly check the peel containers.
It is not necessary to use specialized products. All the parts can be washed in the dishwasher (it is advisable to clean the front cover by hand).

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Download our PDF E-Book and learn how a

Zummo is so easy to clean