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Have you been wondering how you can increase your total store sales? Well, the ZUMMO HERO is here to help!

The ‘Zummo Hero’ programme will add a positive spin on your store sales by lending a helping hand in selling more of that delicious, healthy and fresh orange juice your customers love!

First things first, in order to make the most of your ‘Zummo Turk Key Solution’, a Zummo Hero will need to be appointed for your store. Think bright, bubbly and bouncy personality, with a touch of flare, to interact with customers by handing out sample cups, giving customers the chance to taste that sweet, tangy and delicious Zummo. This action alone has proven to increase Zummo sales by up to 75%, across hundreds of Zummo machine installations.

Nothing is more alluring and appealing than a beautifully stocked Zummo, with those plump, juicy and vibrant oranges. Your Zummo Hero will ensure your customers are invited to use your sparkling Zummo machine, and with the ‘Ice Display Unit’ always fully stocked and an abundance of bottles of juice, who could refuse a ‘Grab n Go’ impulse purchase.

To put it simple, the cost of providing a dedicated Zummo Hero will be well and truly recovered by the increased sales of orange juice as well as the increase to incremental sales for all your other products.

If labour cost is $25 per hour and GP on a litre bottle selling for $6.00 is $3.00 you will be streets ahead when the Zummo Hero can easily manage to increase sales to 30 units per hour.  This will yield your business and an extra $600+ per day in GP.  That’s about $4,000 extra per week in GP or in excess of $200,000 GP per year.