Zummo Z14 Makes Your Cafe a Profit Paradise



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Zummo Z14 Makes Your Cafe a Profit Paradise
and you can finally see the finish line!

Feeling burnt out by the cafe grind? Dreaming of escaping to a tropical paradise, margarita in hand? The Zummo Z14 can make that dream a reality… faster than you can say “fresh-squeezed profits!”

Here’s the scoop: Most cafe owners want that golden exit – selling their business for a boatload of cash. But how do you get there? Enter the Zummo Z14, your secret weapon to skyrocketing profits. We’re talking acool $10,000 to $20,000 more in your pocket every year. That’s not just latte change, that’s serious beach time juice.

Imagine this: You’re slinging out a whopping 20 x 425ml glasses of fresh-squeezed OJ per day, on average. Even with orange prices at $1.70 a kilo at the moment, you’re looking at a ridiculous 70% Gross Profit.
That’s a payback period of under 5 months also!

But the real magic happens when you sell. That extra profit boosts your business valuation by a whopping $40,000 (thanks to the magic of the “times two” rule). All for a $10,000 investment? That’s a 400% return!

Still not convinced? Take a look at the added benefits if you do this now!

  • Tax deductible before June 30th! .
  • Financing available with a sweet 2-month payment holiday through our partners at TPC.
  • Basically, your Zummo Z14 practically pays for itself!


And guess what? This profit paradise isn’t just for cafes. Grocers, rejoice! The Zummo Z14 can supercharge your bottom line too. (The valuation multiplier might be different, but the extra cash flow is undeniable.)

Don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers! Get your Zummo Z14 today and start building for the finish line! 

Your future self (with a tan and a margarita) will thank you!